What is a Holi Colored powder?

A powder made out of corn starch and natural ingredients only.

Is it dangerous or poisoning?

The powder is not toxic to humans, animals or the environment. The product is biodegradable and washes off easily with water. However people with breathing issues should stay away from the thick of the dust .Wearing a mask would not be a bad idea either.

What should I wear? Will the powder stain my clothes?

You will not leave the festival looking the same as you arrived. Festival goers should wear white and leave colorful! Comfortable shoes/sandals and clothes you don’t mind getting full of colorful powder are recommended. The powder is just colored cornstarch and most of it will just blow right off unless you get wet. We recommend you to wash your clothes right after the festival. Should the colors do not go away please use some bleach. Please behave respectfully and do not disturb other festival goers.

Should I get worried if I eat some powder accidentally?

The powder is made out of natural ingredients only. Eating corn starch is not dangerous at all quite the opposite as it may turn out to be a rather pleasant experience!!

Should I wear any eye protection googles?

The powder is made out of natural ingredients only however should it get into your eyes please wash them with water. Protecting your eyes with sun glasses or googles is strongly recommended.

Will the powder be easily washed away?

This powder is an easy to wash away product, however if you have light colored or highlighted hair, you may want to oil your hair before the race. Coconut oil or olive oil work best but a good leave-in conditioner will usually do the trick as well.

Are the powder effects permanent?

No they are not as the colors can be easily washed away with water and normal soap or shampoo.

How are the colors thrown in the air?

Step 1: Open up you colored powder bag.

Step 2:  Throw the powder to the air to your friends or even to yourself!