Extinguisher powder Holi

108,90 €

New product

6 kg single-colored extinguisher. The powder can be thrown up to 8 meters away! Find our extinguishers in the following colors: Red, yellow, rose, purple, orange, light green, sky and navy blue. Our Holi powder is a powder with a smooth texture and very bright colors.

We have both the SGS certification and the safety sheet which shows the detailed composition of all our products.

Holi powder – How to use a extinguisher

These 6kg Holi powder extinguishers are very easy to use. This extinguisher can throw the Holi powder up to 8 meters away. It works the same way than a regular extinguisher.

6Kg Holi powder extinguisher

6kg single-colored extinguishers.

Check out the way the Holi powder looks like when shot from an extinguisher! A fantastic effect that cannot miss in a music or Holi festival!!.

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