Powder Holi 500 Bags X 100 gr

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 powder: 500x 100 grams single-colored bag packets. Every packet contains the following colors: Red, yellow, rose, purple, orange, light green, sky and navy blue. A Powder with a smooth texture and very bright colors.

We have both the SGS certification.

Holi powder – how to properly use this product

Every pack contains 500 bags of 100 grams each. How to use this product is very simple as you just have to shake the bags up before using them (As you do with sugar bags). Once this done put the bag in a vertical way in order to see the  easy-open pull system which is an opening that is done by manually ripping the side of the bag to facilitate the opening by the final user. Grab the bag firmly , try not to drop any powder and get ready for the final countdown!

Now make a strong move from down to up so to throw the powder away. Keep the bag with you and just see the awesome cloud of colors in front of you!!

500 bags of 100 grams each

Packs of 500 single-colored 100 grams bags.

Awesome visual effect!

Look no further…The Holi Dolly  powder is the perfect powder for  your Holi festivals!

SGS certification and Safety sheet

We have also passed the SGS EN71 part 3 test (available upon request). This well-known certification company has confirmed that the Holi Dolly powder is non-toxic neither for the skin nor in case of ingestion. It does not contain carcinogenic elements either.

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